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Bir Denizalti Hikayesi (2021- )

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Mar 13, 2021
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Bir Denizalti Hikayesi is a Netflix streaming show that's expected to drop sometime soon before summer this year. It will be an Adventure-Action packed show. It's an SCI-FI based show which will be produced by OGM Pictures, consisting of Atasay Koc, Cansu Coban and Sami Berat Marcalı under the leadership of Jason George, is about the story of Arman, a free-spirited diving instructor and marine biologist who is preparing to participate in a research mission on a submarine.

The Cast Team: (Subject to change)

Please don't be shy to share your thoughts and opinions about this upcoming show? Do you think the SCI-FI environment will fit kivanc's role? Are you already excited to watch it? Or have you been sleeping on the Turkish dizis for a long time...



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