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Erkenci Kuş (2018-2019)

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Mar 13, 2021
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"Sanem" is a young girl who hadn't succeeded in landing a permanent job yet and chooses to work at her father's grocery store in hopes to become a famous writer one day. When her parents give her a choice to either get a proper job or an arranged marriage, Sanem rushes to a job in the advertising agency her sister works in. There her adventure with the two bosses, Jan, begins, starting a chain of events that end up with her falling in love with Jan. But could she manage to get out of that hole of troubles she fell into with her heart still intact?

My honest review:
Erkenci Kus, in my opinion, can be summarized all in all in 15-20 episodes max (Honestly talking about every summer dizi nowadays). The writer for this show is the same as the one in SCK (Ayşe Üner Kutlu). This writer really loves to stress all the comedy and the funny romance in the first 12-15 episodes and then decide to cause a break up between the main couple and introduces endless love triangles inside the dizi with pointless scenario stretches. Most of her dizis are based on company based environments and the economical issues the company is facing and how the main male character will tend to solve them along with the help of the female main character. For example, Erkenci Kus's main couple was "Can" and "Sanem" but this writer unbelievably tried to introduce every other female character to love "Can". Firstly the love that was showed from one side by "Deren" for almost 3/4th of the dizi with no scenario progress. Then when his ex-girlfriend "Polen" kept nagging for him to accept her the way she is (As her working environment forces her to travel abroad away from her bf for a long time) but at the end left for London and came back in the early 30s episodes to try AGAIN to win "Can" on her side along with the help of his evil mom. Not to mention the nonsense that was taking place when "Ceyda", the owner of another fashion company started to fall in love with "Can" while he's not giving her any sign of mutualities involving the emotions she tried to show him. This hassle continued for a total of another 7 episodes with yet no relevance. To add on, the climax that took place between "Can" and "Sanem" when "Can" realised that "Sanem" has sold her unique perfume for "Fabri" to get "Can" out of the prison but the writer showed "Can"'s reaction in such a very harsh way with his reaction to the situation. He was very mad about "Sanem" and decided to break up once again just because she tried to help him (It's not very realistic a true couple would have such a serious fight about.... a PERFUME.. I mean seriously the writer could have introduced a more convincing excuse for breaking up than this one). Last but not least, "Cey Cey"'s focus on the screen for no reason and sometimes his comedy at some points would be too exaggerated about and wouldn't be funny (or at least I used to skip his scenes at some point). All in all, "Can" and "Sanem" could have married way earlier before this non-relevant twist of events. All in all, I give this show a 6 or a max 7 due to its lack of content in most episodes after the first 20 episodes (It was very tiring to me to bare up and binge-watch the whole episode each week). A very overrated dizi in my opinion in terms of its scenario but I always adore the iconic love between "Can" and "Sanem" and they will forever be one of my fav couples 💘💘


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