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Helpful Resources

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Mar 4, 2021
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Duolingo is an American language-learning website and mobile app, as well as a digital language proficiency assessment exam.

Memrise is a British language platform that uses spaced repetition of flashcards to increase the rate of learning.

Turkish Tea Time *
Learn Turkish with Justin & Büşra is a now-concluded podcast with a series of very helpful episodes to learn to speak Turkish. The "Pleasantly bite-sized exercises let you focus on exactly what you need by actually speaking Turkish."
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Mar 7, 2021
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I learnt Turkish through my parents and family just speaking around the house however since I live in The UK I only knew how to speak and understand I never really learnt reading and writing until I started reading Turkish books start of with very simple ones (children books) and then work your way up.
If you are very new to the Turkish language I will recommend just listening and surrounding yourself with Turkish. It's going to take time and patients it will not happen overnight. Find people that also want to learn the language so you can motivate each other. This can be through someone on twitter or RL the community of english speakers that enjoy Turkish shows on Twitter is crazy find an internet friend however don't share any personal information with anyone and be careful.

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